Heterosexual Sexy Dolls and What It Brings to Your Bed

Men are simple and straightforward. They’re honest with what they want and their erection says more than words ever could. They know what they favor and enjoy. To them, having sex toys around is a means to an end when it comes to spicing up your love life and improving upon your intimate tensions and frustrations galore that they may have. Most people who own sex dolls mainly use them as girlfriend substitutes, but then again you can say the same about a box of tissues and your hand. A sex doll can serve as a means for you to pleasure yourself or pleasure your partner (this is a rarer occurrence), like in the case of doing a threesome or double-team with an inanimate object since being swingers or having a ménage à trois might be too weird for those in a committed relationship.

Going to the Wild Side

* Sex toys for males are still bought worldwide because they’re aimed to heighten the comfort and confidence of men. The most popular sex toys for men range from pocket pussies or fleshlights to outright dolls that you can have sex with. They’re all categorized as masturbation assistant tools. You can get them in all sizes and shapes. There’s a whole selection of them you can search for. These are tubular and long in order to fit the penis, allowing for up and down penetration with a surface that feels like a vagina.

* Sometimes, lube is used on these parts to make them slicker. They’re soft because they’re made of latex and silicone that mimics the softness and suppleness of a pussy, especially when you put scented lubrication on them. They’re developed in order to give you the sense of friction and slippery smooth penetration you’d get from traditional sexual intercourse with a live female. Sex toy fans tend to graduate from these pocket pussies to full-blown dolls. They’re used to double as a female in ways that a pocket pussy or a cum sock cannot.

* To be honest, a sex doll is several sex toys in one encased in a mannequin-like container or something almost resembling a human doll of sorts. You can pose them in various ways, put clothes on them, tear those same clothes apart, and have wild animalistic sex with them as you please. Some of these dolls can even be made to look like certain models or actresses if you’re into having sex with famous people in the closest and most affordable way you can. You can also avail of cock rings and penis extenders to increase your penis size.


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