Author: ChristianHaddock

There Is More To Being Blow Up Dolls When You Talk About Sex Inspired Dolls

Chances are you might have heard about blow up dolls. These are plastic blow up dolls that you usually see people carrying at parties for fun. However, what you need to know is that there is more to these dolls than being a party spectacle. There are people who actually make it a point to collect these dolls because of their quality and of course, because of the companionship that they can offer. What you need to know is that there is more than what meets the eye with these dolls.

Delving Deeper Into The Meaning Of Life Sized Pleasure Dolls

The term sex dolls have had a lot of negative impact to many, however, when you try to look at it from another point of view, they actually serve as perfect companions for people who are looking to have someone in their lives just in a much different way. Along the years a lot of changes have happened to these dolls and most noticeably on their qualities. The choices for blow up dolls to more realistic dolls and down to robotic dolls have changed gradually and now you can find many variations in the market.

When you look at these dolls being sold in the market, you can see that they are available in various eyes, hair and skin colors. They can also be customized when it comes to their shapes and sizes. In the most recent years, the popularity of robotics and engineering on these dolls have started to rise and now you can find beta versions that are brought as examples during conventions and such.

A lot of people collect these dolls all over the world and you might even be surprised at how much length some people have to go through just to get the dolls of their dreams. The dolls make a good silent companion for those who prefer it that way, they are also great partners that do not require the maintenance that you are expected to provide with real life partners, they are there to fill a temporary void in people’s lives and this makes other people feel comfortable.

If you are interested in buying one just because you are curious, try to go for the cheaper alternatives first, these dolls can be very expensive when you go for the high-quality ones and it can help when you try the dolls which will not cost you a limb in case you discover you have other preferences after all.

Heterosexual Sexy Dolls and What It Brings to Your Bed

Men are simple and straightforward. They’re honest with what they want and their erection says more than words ever could. They know what they favor and enjoy. To them, having sex toys around is a means to an end when it comes to spicing up your love life and improving upon your intimate tensions and frustrations galore that they may have. Most people who own sex dolls mainly use them as girlfriend substitutes, but then again you can say the same about a box of tissues and your hand. A sex doll can serve as a means for you to pleasure yourself or pleasure your partner (this is a rarer occurrence), like in the case of doing a threesome or double-team with an inanimate object since being swingers or having a ménage à trois might be too weird for those in a committed relationship.

Going to the Wild Side

* Sex toys for males are still bought worldwide because they’re aimed to heighten the comfort and confidence of men. The most popular sex toys for men range from pocket pussies or fleshlights to outright dolls that you can have sex with. They’re all categorized as masturbation assistant tools. You can get them in all sizes and shapes. There’s a whole selection of them you can search for. These are tubular and long in order to fit the penis, allowing for up and down penetration with a surface that feels like a vagina.

* Sometimes, lube is used on these parts to make them slicker. They’re soft because they’re made of latex and silicone that mimics the softness and suppleness of a pussy, especially when you put scented lubrication on them. They’re developed in order to give you the sense of friction and slippery smooth penetration you’d get from traditional sexual intercourse with a live female. Sex toy fans tend to graduate from these pocket pussies to full-blown dolls. They’re used to double as a female in ways that a pocket pussy or a cum sock cannot.

* To be honest, a sex doll is several sex toys in one encased in a mannequin-like container or something almost resembling a human doll of sorts. You can pose them in various ways, put clothes on them, tear those same clothes apart, and have wild animalistic sex with them as you please. Some of these dolls can even be made to look like certain models or actresses if you’re into having sex with famous people in the closest and most affordable way you can. You can also avail of cock rings and penis extenders to increase your penis size.


A Way to Experiment For Pleasure

A life with a sex doll may not be too common. You may ask, “Why would I need that?” and if you are here looking for answers, you have come to the right place. Here are the reasons why you should buy this:

They Will Never Say No
This could be a huge game-changer. If you’ve experienced having an intercourse with an actual person. You might find yourself being unsatisfied because she doesn’t want to do a different position, you’re a little anxious about trying a change, or she simply doesn’t want to have sex. How frustrating could that be? With sex dolls, that will never be the case. Try that position you’ve always wanted to try, go for long periods of time as you wish. The possibilities are endless.

The Risk Is Gone
You know what I’m talking about. Especially if you do not trust the person, hearing the news of her being pregnant can be one of the most dreadful experiences you can have in life. With the sex doll, this will be a non-existent worry. This is not only about the possibility of getting pregnant. You are also away from the potential sexually transmitted disease. You can go crazy with it without any protection, without worrying that “she” might be tired, because it is you who practically controls everything.

An Option for Pre-Testing
This is possible, but you have to be cautious with this, especially if you have a significant other—this can be an option for you to try to experiment with it so you can try it out to your partner the next time. You have to remember that you would have to need the consent of your partner if you are up to purchase this item—we wouldn’t want to get into trouble, don’t we?

Without Dealing with Repercussion
As an extension, doing it with a sex doll may not automatically mean you are cheating, because you are not doing it with an actual person. Now, go ahead and check on the gorgeous human-like dolls and get a taste of your fantasy.